VPN Services

Why should you use a VPN?

A VPN protects its users by encrypting their data and masking their IP address, leaving their browsing history and location untraceable. This allows for greater privacy, as well as greater freedom for those who wish to access blocked or region-bound content. If you use torrents, it is obligatory to use a VPN.

All VPNs claim they’re the best out there, but that’s rarely the case. In our experience, many of them lack important security features, don’t work with popular streaming sites, have poor P2P support, are really slow, and have buggy apps or are hard to use.

Features to look out for

  • List of available countries to access geo-blocked content or geo specific prices
  • Speed and reliability
  • Available protocols
  • Additional features like being able to offer you your personal IP address (e.g. to access banking sites always from the same IP)
  • Quality of servers and IP address used. Trust me, many VPNs use bad servers. Many sites will just block you or captcha you to death.
  • Can it be used in countries that try to prevent you from using a VPN? Most VPNs fail here.
  • Jurisdiction of provider
  • What Operating Systems can be used (Windows, Apple, Linux, Android etc.)
  • Quality of VPN software.

Overview over 180 VPN Service Providers

Excel File with 180 VPN service providers evaluated. Access here.


What is the best VPN available?

It depends on your use case. This site is made by expats, permanent travelers and privacy focused folks. We strongly advise you to use Astrill VPN.