WG Hill Perpetual Traveler

WG Hill Perpetual Traveler

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PT Collection by W.G. Hill

To anyone wanting to know about what becoming a PT is all about and also and what the PT philosophy is and it's implementation, the best source EW knows is the W.G. Hill CD with 5 books (reports) This download is in PDF format and includes

  •     PT - Perpetual Traveler 
  •     The Passport Report,
  •     Portable Trades and Occupations
  •     and the Invisible Investor
  •     and How to Become an Honorary Consul.

These books are the classic volumes of W.G. Hill, one of the founders of the PT philosophy and a good friend to Expat World. Anyone serious about living a life free of government interference, getting the most out of life, and living an international lifestyle on a hot dog budget should order this today. The hard copy printed versions (not available) sold for over US $2000. 

Please note that we are an official seller of these books, authorized by WG Hill / Peter Taradash himself. You can also book him for a consultation. 

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