Antigua Digital Nomad Visa

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Visa category:  Nomad Digital Residence (NDR) Visa

What are the visa fees/charges?

• For Individuals: US$1,500
• For Couples: US$2,000
• For Family of 3 and over: US$3,000

Is there a minimum income threshold applicable for digital nomad/remote work visa?
Yes – US$50,000 per annum

Are digital nomad/remote work visa holders subject to income tax?

No personal income tax for upto 2 years

Are digital nomad/remote work visa holders subject to social security contributions?

Is there Double Taxation Agreement (DTA) relief available in the country?

Is there an income tax requirement in the country, in general?

Is there a social security requirement in the country, in general?

Are criminal checks required for this visa?
All applicants and dependents over the age of 16 must submit a police clearance certificate

For how long is the digital nomad/remote work visa valid?
2 years

Is the applicant bound to any work restraints/limitations?

All applicants must currently be employed or self-employed. The Visa only allows the
holder to work remotely for companies and individuals outside of Antigua and Barbuda.

What are the standard requirements for the digital nomad/remote work visa?

• Must submit color copy of applicants and dependents passport bio-page (Passport
must be valid for more than 2 years), birth certificate, and Marriage certificate.
• Applicants and dependents must have medical insurance coverage for the duration of
stay in Antigua and Barbuda.
• Police clearance for applicants and the dependents.
• Proof of relationship with the dependent and partner.
• Proof of employment, including self-employment.
• Proof of financial solvency showcasing ability to support himself or herself during the
duration of stay.
• Evidence of payment of non-refundable fee.

Which countries are eligible to apply for the digital nomad/remote work visa?

Is applicant required to provide proof of employment?

Employed applicants are required to present Job letter and salary payments


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