Flag Concept

What is the flag concept?

States try to squeeze maximum tax rates out of their citizens. Citizens are being forced to the limit by laws, regulations and levies. The idea that elections could change anything does not come true. At the same time, the world is facing major challenges and changes that no one can predict in detail.

The only chance to escape the constraints of the state and prepare for the future is to spread your personal and economic interests across different jurisdictions, i.e. countries. The concept is known as a PT and we explain it in detail here.

As the world changes, so does the concept.

Incidentally, the concept is remotely similar to a Chinese proverb: The cunning rabbit has three burrows. 狡兔三窟 There must always be a place to hide.

In addition to geostrategic diversification, you can also say that a professional is someone who has a backup plan. What is yours?