Health Insurance

Perhaps one of the most difficult questions for emigrants, perpetual travelers, expats and digital nomads.

1. Emigrants and Expats.

It may be possible to take out insurance locally, with all the advantages and disadvantages. As there are countless countries, we cannot deal with individual cases here.

2. International health insurance.

Insurers such as Aetna, AXA, Allianz etc. offer real complete health insurance cover abroad. You can request a quote here.

3. international health insurance for the unorthodox.

We are aware of another option. As long as you are still able to board a plane, you could fly to Spain to the ClĂ­nica Universitaria de Navarra, an excellent university hospital in Spain. In fact, it is among the best hospitals in the world. They offer their own insurance (around 60 euros), or with a 30-50% discount if you are under 26 years old. However, you can ONLY be treated there with the most basic option. ACUNSA insurance (Spanish).