Why Would Anyone Pay for a 2nd Passport?

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Why Would Anyone Pay

for Legal Residence or a 2nd Passport

When Both Are Available for FREE?

V-5, Instant “Legal Residence,” 2nd Passports & Citizenships

By Grandpa — Last revision 10 Jan 2024

Everybody and their dog on the NET have been peddling $500,000+ residences called “Golden Visas” and hugely expensive economic citizenships these days!

IMO they are all grossly overpriced, and not worth having.

With over 50 years in the biz, no one questions our “Grandpa’s” superior knowledge & expertise. “Grandpa” is arguably The World’s Leading, #1 Expert on Residency, 2nd Passports, Renunciation and acquiring new Citizenship. He is the author of Bye Bye Big Brother, acclaimed as the 2ndmost influential & inspiring book of the 20th Century. Who was 1st? You guess it! Ayn Rand with Atlas Shrugged.

With Ayn’s passing, Grandpa is currently the World‘s #1 Best Selling author into Freedom & Privacy, P.T. Style. He is also great at Wealth Preservation and the Author of two dozen books on these subjects. See book list at end of this report.

This report gives you immediately useful, essential information, not available elsewhere. Most of the other deals offered on the WEB (many samples below) are from pushers of expensive residence “programs.” They don’t want you to know the truth.

What’s the truth? Spending serious money is not necessary! In places like Latvia, you can get instant EU residence for a small €75,000 investment in five €15,000 apartments that will bring you up to a 100% annual return on your money. All explained in “Grandpa’s” reports.

In places like Campione,Italy, a suburb of Lugano Switzerland, you can get residence and the equivalent of both a Swiss and an Italian passport, plus cheap SWISS quality medical insurance, by renting a cheap studio apartment. It so happens that grandpa is renting a few places.

Note: 2024 -This program is long closed! Good while it lasted…

AS of 2024, Argentina, Philippines, most central & South American countries & in the EU, Italy and Bulgaria are pretty good “no pay” places to get residence. They sometimes also serve as tax havens. Most solvent people can get legal residence by in nearly a hundred countries by simply entering legally with a visa, then renting and registering. I can help (for a fee) in such endeavors. Untalented, uneducated, economic refugees & asylum seekers won’t have it so easy.


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By Grandpa

Monaco – 2014

Why would anyone pay someone to get them legal “residence?”

In my 50 plus years as a P.T. (Permanent Tourist), I went when & where-ever I wanted to go. I rented any apartment or house I fancied, & stayed as long as I wanted to stay.

I worked only if & when I felt like it, and never paid a dime to anyone to get me residence or a 2nd Citizenship.

Yet I have a neighbour who had paid over $50,000 in fees in the same year, to get the same residence ID card I recently got for free.

The agent who advertised his dubious services on the NET & helped her get the residence (she could have obtained as a do it yourself project) convinced her she need to set up a corporation to employ her, & pay serious local taxes. She was also convinced to buy an overpriced income property “to show she had the needed resources.” Bottom line, she flushed down the toilet nearly $1,000,000. Her “service provider” took €200,000 in fees. She could have done it herself for free or more quickly with Grandpa for €15,000 in advisory fees for secret shortcuts, etc.

In contrast, consider a nephew of mine who needed similar legal residence – only for the medical benefits. He simply moved into the same town. He qualified for a long term visa as a student in a free government sponsored course. He didn’t need to show income or anything aside from a clean criminal record. Then, with a little effort, he got a free apartment by doing some maintenance on the property and looking after the owner’s computer.

Compare! $1,000,000 vs. FREE for the same thing. And the lady who paid the million is now on the hook for annual taxes in her new country . These heavy taxes are in the $50,000 p/a range. My nephew? He actually now makes enough to live comfortably –tax free. I left out a lot of details, but that is the essential tale of two expats. Lesson? Knowledge is valuable. Ignorance is very costly.

As you may know, and this is not a plug, I charge a fee of €15,000 for two years of unlimited consulting and hand- holding. I do not stand in line for my clients in bureaucratic offices, to “implement,” but I do show my clients exactly how to get what they want or need, usually free or at nominal standard government charges. You don’t need my personal services as the how to do it info is in my books, and with reasonable intelligence, you can usually muddle through the process of getting residence and citizenship. However, if you can afford it, IN MY OPINION (IMO) having an experienced guide is always good when you go hunting in uncharted territory for the first time. Many of my clients have earned back my fees and much more by offering similar services once they have accomplished their objectives.

Often something like legal residency can be obtained for an investment that will turn a good profit. One client made over $1 million on a “no money down” real estate deal I put her into. But don’t mistake me. If you are going to make money or make anything happen, it takes common sense, experience, good research or a mentor like me, and then, time and effort.

One of my book readers actually wrote me and said “I bought your book, read it, and nothing happened. I didn’t get residence, a new passport or anything.” I asked him if he took the steps recommended in my books. Answer? “No.”

Grandpa’s comment:

My books provide a do it yourself plan that will for some –if not most people – but you do need to do things, like apply for a visa, look for an apartment to rent or buy. Buy a ticket to get there. Pack your bags and go. You need to take action. Do you think you can read a book and be transported to a tropical paradise on a magic carpet?


If you are too rich or too incompetent to do things on your own, you can always pay me to point you in the right direction, and give you a kick in the pants when you run out of steam or get discouraged.

I tell my clients and potential clients that they don’t need me. All I do for my €15,000 unlimited consulting fee is make life easier. How? By reviewing their options and plans. By correcting their often mistaken assumptions. By assessing risks. By avoiding overpriced lawyers and accountants who are peddling stuff they don’t need. My clients make fewer mistakes. If they listen to me they will also avoid the myriad of crooks and scammers on the NET who will overcharge or worse —> take their money and run.

In my basic information– books like PT and Bye Bye Big Brother I explain such elementary concepts as “Visa Runs” and common sense stuff that newbie’s on the scene won’t have a clue on how to cope.

My books are not only for Americans; in fact most of my readers are from other countries. Translations can be made by you for free on Google translate, but a professionally translated version is currently available only in German.

Reader Question:

Grandpa: If you are so smart and already rich, why don’t you help a deserving dummies like me for free?”

Grandpa’s Answer: Dear Deserving: You are probably not as dumb as you look on your e-mail picture (of a Donkey). The answer is simple. I am too old, too smart and too experienced to cast my pearls of wisdom on unwashed masses for free. Besides that, most people think anything free is worth exactly what you pay for it…Nothing. My books are valuable, and at my age, my time is very valuable too.

Thus, sorry, my books and advice is not free. I can’t afford to help everyone who smiles at me.  I don’t have time to “save the world.” If you are beautiful and like old geezers, you might get a trade deal or scholarship. But consider this: I DO give any readers who actually bought a book or report a short free E-mail conference. That may be all you need.

You wouldn’t have this or any of my swell reports unless you paid for something . So there you go. Write me (with short explanation of when & what you bought and what you paid) … I will answer any  PT Related question usually within a few days.

Now about this report …

Everybody and their dog are peddling residences and economic citizenships these days. IMO most are way overpriced, and not worth having. You will have my comments and evaluations in the coming pages. I welcome feedback, comments, questions and constructive criticism

Let’s now get into the more interesting Residence & Citizenship programs available in 2014. In the following pages, I will bring you up to speed as to exactly what is available currently. This report will be updated periodically, and you can get the updates free for two years from the date of your original purchase.


I don’t think that anyone, even average Americans, really need second passports or legal residences anywhere. They can go anywhere, stay as long as they want as a PT, and then move on. But for those “High Net Worth” Americans with $5 million in assets or who earn over $100,000 a year or $200,000 for a couple, they probably do need some adult supervision & could use a 2nd passport in order to legally escape unnecessary taxes and filing obligation.

That brings us to the question: Why does anyone need a second residence abroad at all?

1. For people who believe that their country is headed for economic collapse, civil war, or government programs they don’t like –obviously, having a ski-cabin or beach house in a tropical country (plus enough resources to keep you alive) could be important.

2. I currently have a client who wants to live permanently as a PT in Europe, but as legal stays in the E.U. are limited to 90 days, he wants to get a legal residence card so he can stay indefinitely.

3. To escape taxes in their own country, in Germany for instance, it is necessary for a German citizen to prove with a legal residence card that he is legally resident elsewhere.

For  Americans the rules are quite different:  Gringos living abroad are exempt from the 1st (roughly) $100,000 in earned income, but they are not  relieved from onerous quarterly  filing requirements. Income from dividends, interest and such is “unearned income” & not exempt. Thus Americans alone need a 2nd citizenship and passport. Americans alone in the world may need to consider renunciation of their citizenship to be able to live and bank abroad.