Argentina Digital Nomad Visa

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Visa category Digital Nomad Visa

What are the visa fees/charges? Total Visa fee: $200:

• Immigration Fee: $120
• Consular Fee: $80

Is there a minimum income threshold applicable for digital nomad/remote work visa?

Are digital nomad/remote work visa holders subject to income tax?

Are digital nomad/remote work visa holders subject to social security contributions?

Is there Double Taxation Agreement (DTA) relief available in the country?

Is there an income tax requirement in the country, in general?

Is there a social security requirement in the country, in general?

Are criminal checks required for this visa?
Requires Police Clearance Certificate

For how long is the digital nomad/remote work visa valid?
6 Months, with an option to renew once

Is the applicant bound to any work restraints/limitations?
Applicant can work and earn income only from outside countries

What are the standard requirements for the digital nomad/remote work visa?
• Cover letter and Curriculum Vitae.
• Valid passport and 2 passport photos attached.
• Proof of work and subsistence.
• Travel Insurance covering medical expenses.
• Proof of accommodation.
• All documents are required to be translated in Spanish.

Which countries are eligible to apply for the digital nomad/ remote work visa?
Countries that do not require a tourist visa to enter Argentina are eligible

Is applicant required to provide proof of employment?
Yes, required with at least one employer


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