Aruba Digital Nomad Visa

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Visa category  One Happy Workation

What are the visa fees/charges?

Costs vary depending on the choice of accommodation; the program has no other additional fees

Is there a minimum income threshold applicable for digital nomad/remote work visa?

Are digital nomad/remote work visa holders subject to income tax?

Are digital nomad/remote work visa holders subject to social security contributions?

Is there Double Taxation Agreement (DTA) relief available in the country?

Is there an income tax requirement in the country, in general?

Is there a social security requirement in the country, in general?

Are criminal checks required for this visa?

For how long is the digital nomad/remote work visa valid?
• For US Nationals: 7 – 90 days
• For Dutch Nationals: 7-180 days

Is the applicant bound to any work restraints/limitations?

• The applicant has to be employed by a company or be self-employed in their home country.
• As a visitor in Aruba, the applicant is not allowed to render services to and receive income from an Aruban company or individual.

What are the standard requirements for the digital nomad/remote work visa?

• Must hold a passport that is valid for the duration of the stay, and the passport should not be older than 10 years.
• Approved online Embarkation and Disembarkation (ED) card.
• Proof of purpose for stay in Aruba. For example, hotel reservation, vacation rental, or an invitation from family or friends.
• Must have funds to cover the duration of stay and any other expenses.

Which countries are eligible to apply for the digital nomad/ remote work visa?
Yes – Only US nationals and Dutch Nationals with valid passport are eligible to participate in this program

Is applicant required to provide proof of employment?
Yes – The applicants must be employed by a foreign employer or must be self-employed in their home country


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