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Following the introduction of digital nomad visas in Malta and Greece, it was anticipated that Cyprus would swiftly implement a similar program. This initiative grants UK citizens and other non-EU nationals the opportunity to reside and work remotely on the island for a period of 12 months, with the option to extend for an additional 24 months. Prospective applicants are required to provide a police clearance certificate from their country of residence and possess private medical insurance. Initially limited to 100 participants, the program has now been expanded to accommodate 500 temporary residency permits.

Visa category

Digital Nomad Visa*

What are the visa fees/charges?

• Issuance or extension of a temporary residence permit: EUR70
• Aliens’ Registry (only in cases of initial registration): EUR70

Is there a minimum income threshold applicable for digital nomad/remote work visa?

Yes, monthly net income of EUR3,500; an increase of 20% in case of partner, and increase of 15% per child (after the deduction of contributions and taxes)

Are digital nomad/remote work visa holders subject to income tax?

In case applicant resides for over 183 days in the country within the same tax year, then they will be considered as the tax residents of Cyprus, provided they are not a tax resident for any other country

Are digital nomad/remote work visa holders subject to social security contributions?

• To be examined on a case-by-case basis
• Provides an opportunity – in the existence of a Bilateral Agreement with a third country – to transfer any applicable Cypriot social contributions to the social security fund of the home country, under conditions.

Is there Double Taxation Agreement (DTA) relief available in the country?


Is there an income tax requirement in the country, in general?


Is there a social security requirement in the country, in general?


Are criminal checks required for this visa?

Original certificate of Criminal Record is required from country of origin (or from country of residence if applicant resides in a country other than country of origin).

For how long is the digital nomad/remote work visa valid?

• 1 year
• Can be renewed for maximum 2 years

Is the applicant bound to any work restraints/limitations?

Applicant or any family member can not provide services or perform any other form of work to employers or clients located in Cyprus

What are the standard requirements for the digital nomad/remote work visa?

• Copy of valid passport
• Proof of work, employment or self-employment
• Proof of subsistence
• Certificate of Criminal record
• Proof of accommodation
• Blood analysis results
• Certificate of Health insurance
• Affirmation by family members as to their work limitations

Which countries are eligible to apply for the digital nomad/ remote work visa?

All non-EU and non-EEA countries are eligible

Is applicant required to provide proof of employment?

Required for employed and self-employed applicants

* Currently the limit of 500 applications has been reached

Cost of living index: 59.2 – (37 out of 140)
Internet fixed: 51.5 Mbps Median- Feb 2023
Internet mobile: 60.42 Mbps Median – Feb 2023


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