Golden passports for investors in Russia

The Russian Ministry of Economy has developed new conditions under which foreign investors can obtain a permanent residence permit in Russia. The government had already presented a draft law on issuing so-called golden passports in spring 2021. The current proposal allows them to invest in social or cultural projects of at least 15 million rubles (USD 170,000) or donations of 5 million rubles (USD 56,500). Other options include purchasing real estate worth 50 million rubles (USD 565,000) in Moscow and 25 million rubles (USD 282,500) in the regions, setting up a business that will then exist for at least two years, and investing 30 million rubles (USD 339,000) into an existing one. Two conditions that were included in the government’s proposal from last November are now missing: the purchase of Russian government bonds and the purchase of shares. The former version passed the first reading in the Duma in December.

Think what you want about Russia. Something that has little value today maybe very valuable tomorrow. This is the biggest country of the world and a current 13 percent personal income flat tax rate. 

Lets have a look at the visa requirements for Russian passport holders (status end 2023):

Visa for China available online or on arrival? That is interesting!

Russia is the biggest country in the world, a member of the BRICS countries, has a competitive tax rate and the passport offers interesting visa options.

Bottom line: While frowned upon today, a Russian passport could be something very valuable in the future.