Hongkong – New Capital Investment Entrant Scheme

From the government website:

The New Capital Investment Entrant Scheme (the Scheme) is open for application on March 1.

An early launch of the Scheme demonstrates the Government’s commitment to strengthening the development of asset and wealth management business, financial services and related professional services, as well as driving the high-quality development in Hong Kong.

An eligible applicant must make investment of a minimum of HK$30 million in the permissible investment assets.  A successful applicant may bring dependents (including spouse and unmarried dependent children aged under 18) to Hong Kong.  Permission to stay will normally be granted to them for two years.  Upon expiry of the two-year period, they may apply for an extension of stay for three years, and may subsequently apply for further extensions of stay for three years.  They may, upon a period of continuous ordinary residence in Hong Kong of not less than seven years, apply to become Hong Kong permanent residents in accordance with the law.

Conclusion: Interesting country, many options, good tax rates, good access to China, but at HK$30 million, almost 4 million US Dollars, a very expensive program.